Sunday, January 25, 2009


For some reason I have always been fascinated by scenes in movies or TV shows that take place in video stores. Maybe it was my years of toiling away making a minimal wage at a video store, or just my love of movie box art but I've gotten quite good at recognizing movie covers from far away. So whenever I am watching something I love trying to spot as many movies as I can whenever a video store scene comes up.

The other day I was watching the Smelly Car episode of Seinfeld. In this episode George is returning a copy of fictional erotic masterpiece Rochelle Rochelle to the video store I've seen this episode (and most of them, actually) at least half a dozen times so I'm not even paying attention to the dialog. I'm in full cover box searching mode during this whole scene. I spot classics like Cobra and The Hunger. Then I see the cover for the great Raising Arizona. I look slightly to the left and find this gem:

Pumping Irene in all of it's big box glory, one of the great workout themed pornos of 1986. In my store we couldn't even put our Maxim magazines on the shelf with the cover facing out for fear of children being exposed to airbrushed cleavage, but this store has their hardcore porn titles right there, not 3 feet from The Sound of Music and The Golden Child.

Some good movies to do some cover box spotting with:

Be Kind Rewind
Boy Eats Girl
Fisher King
Hide and Creep
I Am Legend
Jersey Girl (Most unorganized movie video store ever. Just throw those anywhere Liv.)
The Lost Boys
Psychos in Love
Serial Mom
Video Violence