Thursday, January 10, 2008

Not for the squeamish...

Another staple of the 1980's horror magazines was the Gruesome Mask advertisement. These were in every issue of Fangoria or Gorezone, and I hated them as a kid because I was never able to get one. My personal favorite mask from this particular ad would have to be Hack, the bald gentleman who for some reason has his own eyeball in his mouth. I also enjoy the $700 The Victim prop and his awesomely realistic Fu-Manchu.

Did anyone here ever own the Syngenor mask? I ask because I've never once seen an ad featuring the Syngenor mask where that particular mask wasn't sold out. Is it possible that the Syngenor mask was just a lie?
This next one is a bit cooler for me to see now as I actually have the fourth application to the right, Terminal Twist. There's a picture floating around here somewhere from when I wore it on Halloween to a restaurant I was working at back about 6 or 7 years ago; as part of a costume I called "Target Employee Involved in Terrible Home Improvement Accident". Pretty gross thing to wear while people are eating, I suppose, but I was pretty proud of my self-applied make-up job.

I think I might get a Ninja Star next year. I'll go as that kid who dies at the beginning of Revenge of the Ninja. You know who I'm talking about, "Death by Ninja Star" kid. Of course, nobody I know will know what the hell Revenge of the Ninja is so I'll just have to keep explaining it to everybody.

Oh, and shame on you first ad, you spelled squeamish wrong.