Saturday, December 29, 2007

Our T-Shirts Are A Scream!

I've got a decent amount of older Fangoria issues, and this little ad here always seems to show up.
I've seen this in probably a dozen issues and it still cracks me up to this day. It's bad enough that he's got the shirt tucked, but can someone explain the hat to me? How ugly was the top part of this guy's head that they thought that hat looked better? What's even worse is that there appears to be a shadow behind the hat, but not behind the guy, so it looks like the hat is way too big and lop-sided. Either that or they just painted it on there afterwards.

And now, a dramatization of the discussion about the hat by the Screamin' T-Shirts photographer and his assistant.

First Screamin' T-Shirts Guy: You know what this model needs? A hat.
Second Screamin' T-Shirst Guy: What, you mean like maybe a cool Fangoria baseball cap that we can also try and sell in the ad?
First Screamin' T-Shirts Guy: Fuck that, bring me a fedora!

Note: I'm not sure that's even a fedora, I'm not very well versed in hat identification.