Monday, December 24, 2007

Welcome to Space Bastard!

Phelpster here, proprietor of the critically acclaimed* Manchester Morgue. As a big fan of hilarious old ads from decades past and an even bigger fan of horror and science fiction movie posters (also from decades past), I've accumulated quite a bit of ads and posters in digitally scanned form. So I started this new site to showcase some of these ads and movie posters (with optional commentary) for people out there who share my fascination with them.

The site was originally called Midget Encyclopedia, which came from a stamp collecting ad I found in an old EC comic. A mini-encyclopedia to hold the 325 stamps this particular company was offering for just 25 Cents. I found it to have a very "blog name" sound to it, so I used it. But then I figured it might offend someone somewhere so I changed it to Space Bastard! which is of course a Back to the Future reference, if you didn't know.

*I have no proof to back up this claim.